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Pohjantähti-opisto guides young people towards education and a better life.

Pohjantähti-opisto is a socially, religiously and politically nonaligned folk high school that provides liberal adult education. Education is offered in the form long-term programmes and short courses, and the teaching language is Finnish. Pohjantähti-opisto also organises and manages different projects. Teaching takes place in Kemi, and our administrative office is located in Keminmaa.

Our goal is to support mental growth and increase common knowledge by developing skills necessary in everyday life, studies, and the workplace. We provide education and guidance to people who wish to advance in their studies and find employment, and who have varying personal needs and competences. In general, we aim to improve social and learning skills, self-esteem, and adaptation in society. Individual growth and development is supported by action- and knowledge-based learning together with personal guidance.

Anyone who has received a basic education certificate is eligible to apply to Pohjantähti-opisto. We also offer study opportunities to those who are yet to finish comprehensive school. For immigrants, Pohjantähti-opisto organises education in Finnish language and culture.

Weekly in-class teaching, group work, and different period courses are included in all programmes in Pohjantähti-opisto. Our teaching methods are designed to encourage communality, self-expression, and taking initiatives and responsibility. All education offered aims to develop students’ social skills and general knowledge, and to prepare them for further education and working life. Job familiarisation periods and internships are organised in cooperation with local businesses and our other partners.

Avain ammattiin – "Skills to Profession"
- For immigrants who wish to learn Finnish and have support and guidance in planning further education, seeking employment, or generally in integration into Finnish society. The programme is tuition-free during the integration period.
- For young people who have completed comprehensive school and need support and guidance with their studies and plans for the future.
- For people who seek career councelling and support in job search.

The main objective is to guide, motivate and help students in finding their individual pathway to vocational studies and towards a working life. To support this process, Finnish language skills, vocational technical vocabulary, and skills needed in life management, studying and job search are strengthened and developed in a way that suits each student’s personal goals and future plans.

Arjen eväät – "Everyday Skills"
- For people with disabilities
- For people who are otherwise in need of special support

The aim is to improve social skills, and develop and learn other skills that help each student to live a life that is as independent and fulfilling as possible. The education is rehabilitating, preparatory for possible vocational training, and designed to strengthen general knowledge and abilities. Students’ personal needs, wishes and goals are considered carefully.

Short courses offered in Pohjantähti-opisto are generally educational and they vary in topic and target group. We organise different short courses also in cooperation with other organisations. Please do not hesitate to contact us with a course idea or proposal!

We welcome applications throughout the semester, so apply now! Download the application form, print it, and add your information. Send the application, basic education certificate, and other certificates supporting the selection by mail to: Pohjantähti-opisto, Pohjantie 23, 94450 Keminmaa. Please write "HAKEMUS" on the envelope.

- Mailing address: Pohjantähti-opisto, Valtakatu 1, 94100 Kemi
- Visiting address: Pohjantähti-opisto, Valtakatu 1, 94100 Kemi

Any questions regarding our programmes and short courses, studying, applying, or other matters can be sent by email to opisto@pto.fi. We also reply on Facebook – like us for the latest news and updates!