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Pohjantähti Folk High School guides young people towards a path of learning and a better life.

Pohjantähti Folk High School is a socially, religiously and politically nonaligned organization. Our purpose is to provide social education as part of social work. Education is given as courses and different education-lines. The college also organizes and manages projects. The language used in education is Finnish. p>

Our primary target is to promote mental development and enhance common knowledge by developing skills within society and vocation , and to help students improve their progression in studies and work life.

The college provides education, help and support for everyone, who needs it in their studies or personal issues. Our goal is to improve social and learning skills, self-esteem and adaption to the community and society in general. Personal growth and development is supported by action- and knowledge-based learning in cooperation with personal guidance. Anyone who has finished comprehensive school and is without second-degree school can apply to the college. Also those who have cut off their comprehensive school are able to study in our college. Pohjantähti provides Finnish vocabulary education and cultural knowledge for immigrants, which are needed for social integration.


General information about our lines: Weekly class-education is part of all lines, as well as working in small groups and different periodical courses. Methods used involve communality, ability to self-expression and personal responsibility. All of our lines aim to promote students’ social skills and informational readiness, and prepare them for future education.

Skills to Profession-line:

Target group: Young people who have completed their comprehensive school, who need support and guidance with their studies and future plans.

Primary goals: The primary idea is to guide young people towards vocational education by enhancing their basic skills needed in life-management and studying. We help them to find a suitable line of education from vocational studies and thereby towards work-life. We also motivate them generally towards education.

Everyday Skills:

Primary target: To improve students’ readiness for independent and socially rich life by taking students’ personal needs, hopes and goals in consideration. The line is designed for those with disabilities or otherwise in need of special support.

Drama line:

Educational course, where the student gets acquainted with his/her expressional skills and abilities through different terms. The line focuses on a variety of expressional skills and its sectors.

Short courses available at Pohjantähti:

Our short courses are generally educational for different client groups. We also provide different short courses in cooperation with other factions and organizations. Please contact us so we can plan and execute with you!

About us:

Pohjantähti is Finland’s newest folk high school founded in 2008. From 2007 on, Pohjantähti has been a course-based project, that emphasizes on combining the care of special young people and education of a traditional folk high school. From 1st Jan 2014 on, Pohjantähti operates both in Keminmaa and Kemi. Our centre in Kemi is the Cultural Centre, and in Keminmaa our office is on Pohjanranta farm.

Apply now:

Are you without a study-spot? Now you can apply to Pohjantähti Folk High School! Check the details about the lines and shorter courses on our website! Applying in the middle of the term for study-lines is also possible!

Contact information:

Pohjantähti-opisto, Pohjantie 23, 94400 Keminmaa

email: opisto(at)pto.fi